Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, a nutritionist, nor an expert on the topic. I'm just passionate about wellness and want to share with you guys my best tips on gut-healing and how I reached intestinal health.

  1. Healing your gut isn't a quick and easy process. It takes time and dedication. But it's not impossible.
  1. Stop eating out so often and cook at home. Homemade meals are softer on the stomach and easier to digest.
  1. Alternative medicine and conventional medicine go hand in hand. One provides a holistic explanation and the other gives you the proper tools to heal yourself.
  1. Avoid foods that your stomach can't handle. In my case the following list of foods would cause bloating and heartburn:
  • Dairy products.
  • Deep fried meals.
  • Sauces.
  • Alcohol (a glass of wine never killed nobody but excessive amounts can be harmful)
  1. Eat on a schedule to allow proper digestion. When you don't eat at consistent times each day, it can cause bloating and have negative reprecussions on your metabolism.
  1. Your digestive system is influenced and affected by your emotions. Do exercises such as meditation, yoga, or Pilates to keep your emotional health in good condition.
  1. Water and fiber are your best allies.
  1. Your diet should aim at improving your health, not at losing or maintaining weight.
  1. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Switch to liquid stevia (not powdered) which is 100% natural.
  1. Don't eat large amounts of red meat.
  1. Plant-based is the best way.
  1. Eat mindfully but never restrict yourself from eating what you enjoy or you'll end up consuming twice as much of it.
  1. Each organism works in different ways so get to know your body and know that there isn't a universal diet that works perfectly for everyone.
  1. Enzyme and probiotic intake is highly beneficial. 
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