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I know that, like me,  many of you, have experienced anxiety attacks during home quarantine. The simple truth is that human beings aren't used to being locked up for long periods of time, and on top of this we also have to deal with the nervousness that a pandemic situation produces. That’s why it’s so easy for our anxiety levels to rise during these hard times. 

Therefore, I’m sharing a series of recommendations and activities, which I’ve implemented to control anxiety levels and feel calmer at home.


1. If you find yourself stress eating while stuck at home, try switching junk food for healthy snacks like popcorn or sugar free jelly.  They’re very low in calories, inexpensive and easy to prepare.

2. Cook. This daily act, in addition to being rewarding, can become a therapeutic habit since it relaxes the mind and serves as an escape route.

3. Have a routine. This gives structure to your daily work and brings meaning to life. If your days don’t have purpose, you won’t be able to break the cycle of laziness.

4. Don't drink too much coffee. This stimulating drink can cause anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. It is better to cut portions. For instance, if you take 3 cups of coffee a day, start reducing it to only 2, and so on.

5. Working, studying, training, etc., helps us stay motivated and develop self-discipline.

6. Keep the house organized. When things are visually organized, the thoughts and ideas in your mind will be too.

7. Drink hot tea.

9. If you have children, make some time to plan out  the activities for the week.

10. Keep a gratitude journal. This reduces stress, increases positivity, improves self esteem and it makes you more aware of your surroundings, causing you to feel more appreciation towards the little things in life.

11. Exercise. This releases endorphins, the hormone that produces the sensation of pleasure, happiness and has a natural analgesic effect.

12. Do something you're passionate about everyday. 

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