Nicoleravachibrand.com is a platform that was born with the mission of promoting inner beauty as an engine for the outer; ¨beauty from within¨, and has become the modern guide in latin america of beauty and a healthy lifestyle with a lot of style to live life to its fullest the best way possible.


Nicole Ravachi Beauty Generations

Born in Colombia in the city of Barranquilla.

Nicole, born in Colombia in the city of Barranquilla, studied artistic makeup at the london school of beauty and make up, later on to further complement her knowledge, she went on studying public relations in Barcelona at The European University, and also took a fashion styling course at Instituto Marangoni in Paris.

Nicole is currently considered one of the new colombian “Beauty Icons” in the digital world with her successful tutorials and beauty tips shared through her social platforms.

CO-Founder of the cosmetics brand Nicole Ravachi Brand. NR brand incorporates a clean beauty line which is cruelty free, clean beauty, hypoallergenic and fully rich in vitamins that allows the complete moisturizing and improvement of the appearance of the face. the aim of the brand is to “Transform what you have into what you want”.

Nicole Ravachi Beauty Family