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These are the items that I carry with me EVERYWHERE I go. With these essentials I feel prepared for any surprise the day has to throw at me. 

  1. One or two lipstick colors (since I like to combine them), usually in the nude shade family. I can’t live without CRUSHING from my beauty line and for the second shade I vary from KISSABLE to HANKY PANKY. You can shop these lipsticks here. 
  2. A lip liner. My favorite is another one from my beauty Line: SMORE. This color is perfect for the shades of lipsticks I usually carry. 
  3. Pallete Essentielle from CHANEL. It has a blush, highlighter and concealer, perfect for on the go makeup and retouches. 
  4. Sunglasses.
  5. Eyeglasses.
  6. Liquid stevia. This is the BEST tip I can give you. Carry liquid stevia with you at all times, this is perfect for sweetening your coffee or any drink you want to have to accompany your daily meals. 
  7. My wallet.
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