To help me cope with isolation boredom, lately I’ve been interested in trying out new things and spicing up my life a little bit. So a couple days ago I decided to step out of the box and go for a small but exciting makeover. I have always been a fan of soft and blended hair tones, however, my inner 90s baby couldn’t help but fall in love with the chunky highlights trend revival. It’s fun, stylish and easy to achieve! Today I’m sharing with you how I recreated the look, step by step:  

What products did I use?

• Hair dye: Schwarzkopf Palette - 310 silver

• Bleaching powder: ELGON- Blu Bleach

• Oxidizing cream: Nouvelle - Vol. 30

• Mattifying powder: Prokpil – cenizo 

• Gloves


Warning: Don’t apply the products too close to the roots of your hair. The resulting radiant blonde tones can give off the illusion of baldness. I suggest leaving about half a finger of space between your roots and the dye.  

1. First of all, I parted two strands of hair at the front of my head. I decided to go for 2 cm on each side, but they can be as thick as you want them to be.

2. I grabbed my gloves, stirred the bleaching powder with the oxidizing cream and applied it evenly on both strands (make sure they’re fully coated). To avoid orange tones, let the bleach sit in for a long time. I left it for 1 hour, but if you have lighter hair you can leave it for less.

3. Then I quickly applied the mattifying powder on both strands, let it sit for only 3 seconds and immediately washed it all out thoroughly.

4. I let my hair rest and the next day I reapplied the bleaching mixture, but this time only for 15 minutes.

5. Then I applied the hair dye (I combined it with the nouvelle oxidizing cream vol. 30, I didn’t use the one that comes in the dye box) and I let it sit for 2-3 minutes (don’t leave it for any longer to avoid blue or gray tones). 

My overall thoughts on the look:

I’ve been loving it so for! I feel like the highlights shape my face nicely and give it a brighter, more youthful appearance. They’re also super easy to style and make my outfits look much more modern and trendy. Surprisingly the bleaching process of it all didn’t damage my hair as I thought it would; however, I always recommend keeping it hydrated with oils or serums to avoid split ends. I definitely think that Rachel Green would be proud hahaha.

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