As seen on Nicky’s YouTube Channel, we’re sharing with you 3 brilliant makeup tricks that’ll make your face camera-ready. Up your selfie game with this quick and easy tutorial.


All of us, or at least the vast majority of us, dream about having voluminous and sculpted lips like many of our favorite celebrities. Follow these steps to achieve the iconic Angelina Jolie look, using only the magic of makeup; no lip injections needed!

Step 1 - Lip Contour: With a little bit of bronzer, or a light brown eyeshadow, trace the edges of your mouth to create a subtle contour that will make your lips appear fuller. The stroke should be thin to give it a natural appearance.

Products used: Matte & Metal Melted Shadows - Huda Beauty / Hoola Quickie Contour Stick - Benefit.

Step 2 - Line your lips: Use a brown lip liner and apply it by following the natural curves of your lips. Always remember to sharpen it for a more defined and sculpted look. If you want them even thicker, you can draw vertical lines from the outside to the inside of your upper and lower lips.

Products used: Waterproof Gel Lip Liner - Nicole Ravachi Beauty.

Step 3 - The ombre effect: Apply two different lipstick shades (preferably in the nude color range), one darker and the other lighter. First use the dark one all over your lips, and then apply the lightest shade on the center of your mouth. Say hello to your Kylie Jenner pout!

Products used: Kissable Ultra Matte Lipstick / Crushing Ultra Matte Lipstick - Nicole Ravachi Beauty.

Step 4 - Concealer: Another trick for plump lips is to add a touch of concealer on the inner center of your lips. When applying, don’t put it straight on your mouth, use a brush to blend  and avoid white residue. This may seem like an overlookable step, but trust us when we say that it makes the biggest difference!

Products used: Shape Tape Concealer - Tarte


The first thing you need for nailing down this classic, sultry look is a liquid eyeliner with a thin felt tip and flat sides. A fine pointed nib makes it easier to control strokes and it deposits the exact amount of black ink needed for a natural appearance, never more or less. The position in which you hold the liner is also key; make sure it’s facing the side and pointing towards the end of your eyebrow diagonally. If you want to elongate the eyes and make them look bigger, be sure to extend the wing past the crease of your eye.

Products used: Felt Tip Liner - Nicole Ravachi Beauty. 


Many people use bronzer as a self-tanner and apply it all over their face. If you want to create an incredibly natural finish, you have to follow rule # 1: LESS IS MORE. A few light touches around the outer edge of your face and under the cheekbones is enough for a healthy, luminous tan. This is known as the “3 shape" tactic, it involves going over all the voluminous portions of the face, starting with the sides of the forehead, then around to the cheekbone and ending down at the jaw.  If your neck is exposed, be sure to apply bronzer there as well for a head to toe glow.

Product used: O!mega Bronzer - Marc Jacobs Beauty

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